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Is the watch industry in denial?

A few interesting quotes from the head of LVMH watch brands, re: Apple poaching his Sales

“If it had been a direct competitor, I would have felt a bit betrayed, but if he goes to Apple I think it is a great experience for him,” he said.

Whatever the “iWatch” is, I don’t think wrist real estate is infinite. It may not be a mechanical watch, but I think there’s a good chance it will be a watch substitute.

via Apple poaches Swiss watch exec for iWatch launch.

Remind you of anyone?

Funny, I seem to recall from my history classes a guy with an awful mustache saying stuff like this in the 30s:

“When I speak of Russians and Russian-speaking citizens,” Mr. Putin said, “I am referring to those people who consider themselves part of the broad Russian community. They may not necessarily be ethnic Russians, but they consider themselves Russian people.” He added, “I would like to make it clear to all: this country will continue to actively defend the rights of Russians, our compatriots abroad, using the entire range of available means.”

via Russia Demands New Cease-Fire in Ukraine –