Monthly Archives: December 2015

A powerful film about Climate Change

Time to Choose is a beautifully crafted film about climate change that’s a must see. It’s visually stunning, well written, and perfectly starkĀ about the potential threat. It clearly spared no expense in going to the corners of the world — Nigeria, Indonesia, West Virginia and many others — to bring us imagery of human behavior that makes the flood of warnings less abstract.

By no means a reason not to watch, but it’s a bit strange that viewing this is time bombed on Huff Post…I guess they’re going to try to monetize the film via other distribution. It would seem that this is something that should be free, and seen by all. The other problem is that it really needs shorter, bite-sized chunks for the A.D.D. generation. There are essential pointsĀ buried in the middle of the gorgeous film that may not be gotten to.

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