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Curious about Spotify’s economics and impact on musicians?

Great Mashable piece on Spotify, centered to some extent around Taylor Swift’s withdrawal.  But it also looks at artists at much different levels of currency and celebrity.  Key quote from Betty Who

“Getting paid is really hard now because now you don’t make money off of music — you make money off of everything else that isn’t music,” she added. “It just intensifies this idea that celebrity is more important than art, which is the part that bums me out because I’ll make money going to an event but I won’t make money making a record. What I care about is how people felt about the record. But any platform I can get my music on and shares it and makes sure that people hear it I’m down for.”

I thought well before Apple bought Beats that it should have used some of that hoard of offshore cash to buy Spotify, but I wonder whether Apple’s close relationship with the music industry, and artists, kept it from rushing into the streaming business.  The economics for artists are brutal. I do hope Chris Cornell’s ideas about Spotify (and probably iTunes/Beats) fronting artists money to produce music comes true…artists get the support they need, but there are fewer middlemen.